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Queens Public Television (QPTV) is a not-for-profit public access television center serving the most diverse community in America.
Through the medium of television, QPTV encourages all members of the community to participate in this great process of democracy. We acknowledge that the First Amendment of the Constitution is not only the foundation of American liberty, it is also the reason for our existence.

QPTV is committed to providing a forum for the open exchange of ideas and opinions free from censorship regardless of race, creed, religion, country of origin, gender or sexual orientation.
We invite all Queens residents to participate in this democratic process of television “by the people and for the people.”


Long, long ago in a city not so far away, there was a Mayor named Koch, a Borough President named Manes and a consultant named Domber. It was 1982 and Queens Public Television was about to make its entrance onto the world stage.

In some cities the community channels were under the management of the cable company. In other communities the channels were managed by the city itself. QPTV took the unique approach of creating a third party corporation to manage the channels.

In 1987 a new staff was pulled together under the direction of Nancy Littlefield including current members Dan Leone, Cliff Jacobs and Bob Strahle.

In 1988 QPTV launched its cable transmission with a single program, the delightful "Slovak Sunshine."

Since opening, QPTV has trained thousands of Queens residents in production and has worked with hundreds of not-for-profit organizations whose services benefit the entire borough.

Our producers represent the most diverse community in New York. Virtually every culture, religion, political point of view or opinion can be found on our four channels. QPTV is democracy in action.

Training Basics

Sessions are scheduled during daytime and evening hours Monday - Friday, and daytime only on Saturday.
There is a modest materials fee for taking a workshop.
Trainees are required to attend all sessions from beginning to end, and must demonstrate their knowledge, skills and an understanding of QPTV’s Rules & Procedures before a certificate of completion can be issued.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Studio Production

Trainees will learn every aspect of producing a program in QPTV’s three camera production studio. Students will get hands-on experience in multiple microphone set-ups, switching using a special effects generator and lighting. Students will also learn how to produce a live call-in show where viewers can participate in their program.


Students will learn non-linear editing on a PC platform using Adobe Premiere Software.
Instruction includes intensive hands-on training on how to build a program using music, graphics and special effects.

Field Production

Trainees will learn how to create programs in the field with portable equipment.
Workshop includes hands-on training in audio/video recording, lighting and remote camera operations.


Andrew Cuomo (D) 53.98% ✓
​Rob Astorino (R) 40.58%


Attorney General
Eric Schneiderman (D) 55.54% ✓
John Cahill (R) 41.6%

Thomas DiNapoli (D) 60.03%  ✓
Robert Antonacci (R) 36.6%

U.S. House

District 3
Steve Israel (D) 54.5% ✓
Grant Lally (R) 45.5% 

District 5
Gregory Meeks (D) 95.24% ✓
Allen Steinhardt (O)  4.76%

District 7
Nydia Velazquez (D) 89% ✓ 
Jose Fernandez (R) 8.85%
Allan Romaguera (C) 2.15

District 8
Hakeem Jeffries (D) 91.9% ✓
Alan Bellone (C) 8.1%

District 12
Carolyn Maloney (D) 79.85% ✓
Nicholas Di Iorio (R) 20.15%

District 14
Joe Crowley (D) 88.23% ✓
Elizabeth Perri (C) 11.77%

NYS Assembly

District 37
Catherine T. Nolan (D) 92.85 % ✓
John Kevin Wilson (L) 7.15 %

District 40
Ron Kim (D) 65.98% ✓
Philip Gim (R) 34.02%

State Senate
District 11
Tony Avella (D) 92.08% ✓
Paul Gilman (G) 7.92%

District 12
Michael Gianaris (D) 95.79% ✓
Anthony Aldorasi (O) 4.21%

District 15
Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. (D) 55.06% ✓
Michael Conigliaro (R) 44.94 %

1 - Revising State’s Redistricting Procedure
Yes 57.34% ✓
No 42.66%


2 - Permitting Electronic Distribution of State Legislative Bills
Yes 77.34% ✓
No 22.66%

3 - The Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014
Yes 61.71% ✓
No 38.29%

What's New

Since 2011, media professionals from all around the world have visited QPTV's studio to learn about free speech and community production. These visiting journalists are part of the International Visitor Leadership Program, which is administered by the U.S. Department of State. The purpose of the IVLP is to build a bridge of understanding between nations that support the foreign policy goals of the U.S. and that reflect the professional interests of the participants. QPTV is proud of what we have accomplished with the IVLP.